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UnQuality Momentstm
Berthelot Consulting has coined the phrase "UnQuality Momenttm" to signify any consumer frustration or disappointment with a product or service, whether the customer is external or internal. (Internal customers are folks within an organization using the product or services of someone else in the organization. Salespeople and engineers, for example, may be each other's internal customers.) Unfortunately, even family, friends, and lovers may produce UnQuality Moments. The good news is, we can all learn from such experiences, however painful...

We've been collecting relevant real-life anecdotes and stories for some time now, the foundation of our future book, UnQuality Momentstm, intended to motivate and guide continuous improvement. Enjoy our UnQuality Moment below, then share one of your own, if you like, and it may someday appear in this space--or in a future publication.

UnQuality Moment
The Bruels tried repeatedly to call their son at camp, some 500 miles away from home, at his first major outdoor adventure. They got worried when he hadn't called as scheduled, and (for two days) they got busy signals or perpetual ringing at the only number provided. When they finally got an answer, the staff member said he didn't know anyone by that name (the boy had been there nearly a week!) and couldn't find him on the roster. Someone else clarified that Jessie was there, but the name was misspelled on the list. They insisted that he could not be reached then, but they'd have him call as soon as possible. Three days later, the child called. There was only one pay phone, he said, and it was busy for long stretches with dozens of boys trying to use it during the brief periods of free time. The parents were relieved then, but furious, and resolved to avoid this camp in the future. They hated that, because the program itself was excellent in many ways and the youth (who had to be prodded to attend) had come to love the place.

Remember: Your good features may be over-ruled by insensitive, uncaring, customer relations. When you are responsible for someone's children--their dearest "possessions,"-- you must earn parental confidence. Make sure your system and your environment prove--and every encounter reaffirms--that you are totally committed to each child's well being.

Share your own UnQuality Moment: E-mail us your frustrating or disappointing customer experience. Be as clear and specific as possible, in a sentence or two or up to 200 words. You may add a pertinent point or principle to remember (no more than 50 words), or leave that to us, as you like. Your entry indicates permission for us to to edit, adapt, and use as needed.
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