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Background, Clients, Leaders
Berthelot Consulting has served the U.S. South and beyond since 1988, providing expert guidance, curriculum and process development, training, quality assurance,writing and editing, and other creative services to continuously improve organizations and enhance work and life. This small firm's innovative, personalized approach helps people help themselves--and enjoy the process. Satisfied clients and audiences include lumber and paper mills; textile and chemical plants; publishers; mental health and medical facilities; educators; government, professional, and religious organizations; retail businesses; and individuals, each one a valued customer.

Here are some sample clients, many representing multiple contracts:

  • Naval Air Rework Facility
  • Gaylord Paper Company
  • Champion Paper
  • Monsanto Chemical Pensacola
  • Monsanto Chemical Luling
  • Advanced Elastomer Systems
  • Reichhold Chemicals
  • Santa Rosa Schools
  • Escambia County Schools
  • Bridgeway Human Services
  • West Florida Regional Hospital
  • Pensacola News Journal
  • Irwin Business Publishers
  • Arkansas Quality Council
  • American Society for Quality Control
  • Florida Library Conference
  • USSR business managers
Ron and Dolly Berthelot earned doctorates from University of Tennessee in Curriculum and Instruction, adult emphasis. Her focus is communication--written, interpersonal, oral, and group, grounded in the behavioral sciences and expressive arts. His is industrial/engineering technology, industrial training, quality management. Together, and with outstanding associates, the partners integrate technical and human aspects of work and of organizational quality and self improvement. Dolly is president.
Ron's practical, progressive, collaborative bent has been evident throughout a 3-decade career that bridges the academic and business/industrial worlds. At Pensacola Junior College, he was Industrial Technology Department Head, Business-Industrial Liaison, and Director of the 12-county NW Florida Industry-Education Consortium. A former professor for Roane State and U. of Maryland (Europe, Turkey), he is now a graduate visiting professor in Operations Management (teaching quality and strategic management) for the U. of Arkansas, Hurlburt Field. Earlier work includes oil exploration, electronics technician, and quality manager. Leading Berthelot's quality and work training efforts, he helps firms large and small develop and implement productive classroom and on-the-job training systems, prevent waste, and manage quality.

Innovative management marks Ron's experience. As a college administrator, he supervised 16 full-time and 25+ part-time faculty and 1200+ students, and developed a new faculty team system. As project manager for training electronic and mechanical technicians, he managed five trainers and 35 trainees over a transformative three-year period at Monsanto Chemical. A U.S.Army squad leader in Okinawa, he led 18 technicians to that base's highest achievement.

A few accomplishments:
  • Initiated a quality/reliability program for an AS degree, the first in the Southeast
  • Structured Florida's first program for offshore "7 on 7 off" work schedules
  • Started the first FAA-approved Aircraft AS degree programs in Airframe and Power Plants in North Florida
  • Developed curriculum and wrote booklets for 64-week training programs in electronic and mechanical maintenance training for a Fortune 100 company
  • Coordinated efforts to start the first regional mechanical apprenticeship training program with multiple firms
  • Designed, implemented statistical process control (SPC) programs for a lumber mill; increased production 6% in nine months
Grant successes, publications:
  • Women in Technology research project
  • Learning Styles of Women, Implications for Technical Education
  • Westinghouse start-up training for electrical technicians to build generators
  • Professor in Business and Industry Exchange
  • Published SPC, ISO 9000, and safety articles
Dolly's expertise and skills with people and print, and her versatile creativity are evident in innovative workshops and processes and writing of all kinds.

A powerful teacher, seminar leader, and presenter at national and international events, Dolly gets excellent ratings and gratifying results. Her approach to personal, professional, and organizational development is innovative, involving, informal, dynamic, facilitative, and memorable. She is committed to each participant's needs, including thousands of adults of all backgrounds, university/college (Loyola U. of the South communication faculty and multi-disciplinary adjuncting at other colleges), and public school students (7-12 grades).

A respected writer, she has appeared internationally and regionally in both popular and professional magazines. Published topics include travel, cultures (ethnic and other, such as circus), gender and diversity issues, teambuilding, business, journalism, arts, antiques and collectibles, and human interest. She has edited a daily newspaper and advised student publications, earning highest awards. Her Pioneer Spirit, an anthology of the Smoky Mountains Region, explored Appalachian culture; PERFECTLY SQUARE, A Fantasy Fable For All Ages, spawned playful uses of geometric shapes for insights into human traits. She also writes-- and helps others write--personal family, business, and organizational stories.

A human relations leader, she develops processes and materials that raise awareness and foster relationships between individuals and groups, use conflict productively, and "create unity within diversity." Such commitment has been clear since the 1960s when her pacesetter course applied group dynamics/humanistic psychology techniques to black literature and race relations. In the l980s she developed and led successful community forums on complex, often controversial issues (women's opportunity, cultural literacy, even abortion), facilitated organizational conflict, and helped people find common ground. She now advises and facilitates team work and diversity efforts, emphasizing communication and consensus-building for the common good, and she (newly) offers unique, transformative personal and professional growth experiences on the Gulf Coast and at clients' preferred sites, anywhere in the world.

Active in causes she values, the LEAP (Leadership Pensacola) graduate is City Council appointee to the Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission. She's been a leader in the Unitarian Universalist church, the West Florida Writers Guild (now West Florida Literary Federation), and the (public library) Friends Board. Dolly was a delegate to the latest Florida Governor's and the White House Conferences on Libraries and Information Services. She is initiating a directory of training professionals for the American Society for Training and Development, heading new marketing efforts for two non-profit organizations, and developing a public Ethics, Values, and Social issues series.
We'll put our expertise and effectiveness against the big guys. And challenge them to match our warmth, personalized service, versatility, innovativeness, and commitment to each client. It's smarts--not size--that wins for you.
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