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Fresh Perspectives On People

Innovative workshops by PERFECTLY SQUARE author
Dolly Berthelot, communication consultant

Explore Your SELFSHAPEtm
GOAL: Get a new angle on yourself
  • Link 8 shapes with human qualities
  • Determine & make your SELFSHAPEtm
  • Note challenges & opportunities in each
  • Compare your perceptions, preferences
  • Set your own self-enhancement goal
  • Spur or strengthen relationships
  • Stimulate creative & critical thinking

GOAL: Apply SELFSHAPEStm to relationships
  • Deepen understanding of SELFSHAPEStm
  • Appreciate diversity through SELFSHAPEStm
  • Note challenges, opportunities in particular mixes
  • Approach conflicts more productively
  • Prepare to help others use SELFSHAPEStm
  • Spur or strengthen relationships, teams
  • Foster creative & critical thinking in yourself & others
STRUCTURE: Each are 3-hour modules. SELFSHAPEStm may stand alone. Both may be presented in the morning and afternoon of one-day workshops or incorporated into larger teambuilding or diversity training efforts, such as Berthelot's Creating Unity Within Diversitytm. Workshops adapt to specific needs and preferences, and can be scheduled for your convenience in work sites, organizations, schools, churches, residences, or public spaces. Satisfaction is guaranteed. PERFECTLY SQUARE and related programs may also be introduced in shorter forms.
INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Dolly Berthelot is a highly rated speaker and teacher, designing and leading workshops and group processes for personal, professional, and organizational enhancement. She has taught grades 7-12 through graduate levels (including Loyola U. Communication faculty), written for and edited daily newspapers, magazines, and books, and published widely. Her unique book PERFECTLY SQUARE, A Fantasy Fable For All Ages, was the catalyst for these imaginative workshops. The private consultant creatively assists and advises a wide range of clients with all aspects of communication, including writing, interpersonal, diversity, teambuilding, and culture change.
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