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Sample Workshops--
Enjoyable and Enlightening!

heartFun, transformative experiences
expand your mind and heart,
enrich your life and work.

Unique group processes, games, workshops, programs, or keynotes for personal or professional growth or organizational development, led by the designer, communication consultant Dr. Dolly Berthelot. We adapt and customize these for various audiences and purposes.

Geometric shape analysis offers fresh angles on yourself and others. Playful new whole-brain human type system, useful for self development and teamwork.

RELATIONSHAPES.* Apply SELFSHAPES to persons and groups that live and/or work together.

CREATE UNITY WITHIN DIVERSITY*. Share effective ways to examine, cope with, and capitalize on human differences such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, abilities, status, roles, values, and beliefs. Multi-day versions incorporate several other programs/processes on this page and foster the cohesiveness essential to move forward together.

DIVERSITY DANCE.* Know the risks. Missteps to avoid as your organization copes with human variety. Lighthearted self-rating system touted in Training & Development.

KALEIDOSCOPIC POWER. In any organization or community, diversity, unity, and change are required for a delightful, high-impact whole. Envision interdependence and inspire it in others.

MOVE FROM ME TO WE. Confront the crucial challenge of our era. Realize the personal to global applications. What can you do to foster our common good?

COMMUNICATE TO INFLUENCE.* "Friendly Persuasion" strategy works for any worthy change, interpersonal to organizational or community levels. Learn to use resisters as collaborators!

TEAMS WIN.* Boost group solidarity, performance. Simple, fun "TQ Scramble" game proves and achieves Kaleidoscopic Power.

QUESTIONING WELL IS THE ANSWER. Improve eliciting and listening skills to get what you need.

LIFELINKS. Our story-sharing process makes growth a game. Use recollections, reflections, connections, projections to spur or deepen relations, stimulate insights.

WORKLINKS. Similar to LIFELINKS, but with a clear work focus.

WRITE YOUR LIFE. Interactive process and expert help with your personal, family, and business stories.

WRITE CLEAR AS A PICTURE. An exercise shows you the way to increase your clarity. Essential principles in practice.

CREATIVE ENVISIONING. Design the future--a new space, a more productive way, or a better world. Here's some--believe it or not--practical tips.

PRODUCTIVE CONFLICT. Approach differences positively. No matter how controversial the issue, learn to build better options and common ground.

WOW! I'll REMEMBER THAT...Powerful presentations, teaching, training techniques to help you do it better, whether your audience is 10 or 1000 execs, workers, professionals, leisure learners, college or high school students.

FACILITATE FOR RESULTS. Learn to effectively structure, nurture, guide, and manage groups and use dynamic processes for better teamwork and decision-making. It doesn't happen automatically!

COMMUNICATE FOR QUALITY. TQM demands communication skills you can't afford to ignore. Achieve the excellence required to implement, manage, and continuously improve quality in your organization. Focus is on speaking, writing, interpersonal relations, or a blend, depending on your specific needs.

And Much More--All tailored to your needs.

Adapt as keynotes, 3-hour to multi-day programs, your site or ours. Many can incorporate into a unique, dynamic Berthelot approach to Creating Unity Within Diversity.*

* Sample written versions are newly available for these items. Review our innovative products.

We also offer group retreats, personal and professional growth vacations and small, custom tours--for learning and for fun.

Spend memorable hours, days, or a
week--and not a fortune. Enjoy.
Expand your potential, your skills,
your mind, your heart, your relationships....

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