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Dr. Dolly Berthelot is a master wordsmith and more. Whether developing magazine features or creative workshops, designing resumes or training manuals that get results, writing life stories or editing memoirs, interviewing elders who have been down and out or executives who are on top of the world, promoting worthy causes or publishing unusual books, she brings a rare blend of experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to each assignment.

Could you use any of the following professional services?

  • Magazine and newspaper articles on assignment

Sample publications
Articles & photos by Dolly Berthelot


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  • Newspaper and magazine publicity, press releases, news and features
  • Life stories, family, business, and organization histories that may flesh out genealogy, humanize ancestors or business founders, and deepen relationships.
  • Powerful résumés to boost your chances for success
  • Quality improvement manuals, training manuals, curriculum, processes
  • Brochures and flyers for businesses, organizations, or events
  • Web page writing, editing, design, development, collaborating with cyber expert
  • Creative special occasion writing and delivery--unique short stories, verse, poems, letters, cards.
  • Speeches, conference keynotes, programs, writing and/or delivery

We guarantee you top quality, professional writing and editing to meet your specific needs--and we deliver on time. Dr. Dolly also works one-on-one (confidentially, when requested) with select individuals to evaluate their writing and help them improve it.

Unique Berthelot workshops use innovative interactive and writing activities to hone writing skills, raise self-awareness, stimulate creativity, deepen relationships, and foster positive human relations. See Dr. Dolly's transformative Berthelot Consulting workshops and Mine Your Memories™ workshops, all customized to meet the specific needs of individual clients, families, businesses, and organizations.

Through the wonders of technology, Berthelot writing and editing services can be reasonably provided no matter where you are located, anywhere in the U.S. or the world. If you are equipped, much can be accomplished through email. And all Berthelot work is guaranteed to the customer's satisfaction. Need a careful interviewer, lively writer, rigorous editor, perceptive communication consultant, business or organization history, direct mail piece, process improvement or quality management curriculum, biography, autobiograhy, memoir, organizational development strategy, newsletter, travel article, magazine feature, multi-cultural or diversity exercise, web design, sexual harassment policy, writing trainer, tutor, advisor, how-to instructions, unique leisure learning experience, dynamic conference speaker? Want simple desk top publishing (DTP) or a full length book? Oh yeah, Berthelot Consulting is a small publisher, too, and we can lead you to self-publishing success.

If you'd like to explore possibilities, just get in touch today.

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